Meet Our Kids

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We believe they're going to change the world.

We partner with three children's homes in Cap Haitien, Haiti to provide complete care for kids, which includes medical care, food and safe water, and education. Every child deserves the opportunity to go to school. At each of the three children's homes we work with, a quality education is a priority.



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New Vision Children's Home

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Become a Sponsor

Thank You.

Thank you for choosing to invest in the lives of our kids!

The cost to fully meet the needs of a child is $200/month. We realize that not everyone is able to give at that level, so we offer various smaller levels of sponsorship.

You’ll have the opportunity to write to any of the children you are supporting. If you’d like to write to a specific child or children, put their name(s) in the name field. You can also leave the name field blank and we'll match you with a child.

Check out below to begin your monthly sponsorship. Payment is processed securely through PayPal.

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